What is Neutral, Plain Core or Plain Packaging?

What is Neutral, Plain Core or Plain Packaging?

We stock many of our products with no branding. You can buy our products, have them shipped discretely, with your packing list if you'd like, blind to your customer. 

We're not cheap: we're practical. We don't want to sell our customer's customers.

The products here are all blank core material: that is usually a plain white core, but it could be Made in USA (or Canada or Italy or the EU, etc.). Could be a size marking, a neutral product description or similar. Anything but a source for a customer with too much time on his hands to go try and find himself.

We do want to point out one important caveat: The boxes will have enough info for warehouse people all throughout the chain to know what they are handling. It is possible, but exceedingly rare, that the Merco name will be on one. Please ask if this is a concern.

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